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Review || Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette

I’m sure you all have been watching Shane’s latest videos on documenting the behind the scenes of the beauty world, and creating the well anticipated Shane Dawson X Jeffree Star ‘Conspiracy’ palette. So when November came around I knew I had to try and get my hands on it and try it out for myself! I know this review is late, but with Christmas and lots of university work, it has been difficult to get this posted quickly.


After seeing the ideas come to life on Shane’s YouTube, I knew it would be a great palette. However, after seeing it and holding it in person, my opinion on the packaging went through the roof. It looks so much more amazing in real life, and you can tell a lot of thought and effort went into this. The feel, the colours, and the mesmerising spiral, just make this palette complete! This is such a unique palette, and it is fantastic to see that they went for a different design, instead of just doing the same as everyone else. Definitely a job well done!

The all important eyeshadows

The palette is cruelty free and includes a total of 18 shades, and retails at £48. The eyeshadows themselves are at a high quality, and I hear this is the same for all Jeffree Star eyeshadows, however this is my first palette from Jeffree Stars Cosmetics, so I could not compare. The great thing about this palette is the many looks you can create with it. You can go for the more neutral, brown look, or you could switch it up and create more vivid and colourful looks. Whatever you decide to go for, you will be able to create a unique style to suit you.

The eyeshadows themselves are easy to apply and are smooth to touch, which is fantastic! I would recommend applying a concealer before any eyeshadows go onto your eyelids though, as some colours do stain a little, due to the pigmentation and brightness of the colour. Even though the eyeshadows are of a great quality, there is some fallout, especially when you tap the brush against the palette, and I do find myself needing to clean and wipe the palette after every use. Overall, you do not need to add too much colour onto your eyeshadow brush.

Due to the wide range of colours included in this pack, it is hard to find one that you will not like. Some can be used for other makeup looks as well, and not just eyeshadow. For example; Tanacon, due to the simple beige tones, can be used as an extra contour shade if you wanted to try something new.

Due to the visuals of the whole packaging, and the range of colours, you can see why they did retail this at £48. However, is it worth it? I think if you know you are going to use all of the colours, or at least most of them, then I would say it is. If you just tend to stick to one colour however, and know you would not try to mix up your style, then I wouldn’t buy it. It is not cheap, but saying that, many eyeshadow palettes are not cheap today, so compared to others, it is not over the top with the price. You are paying for a pretty palette design, but it is a great palette. If you can afford it, then buy one when you can, the shades allow you to create so many looks, and lets you be as creative as you want to be.

Has anyone else bought this palette? What are your thoughts? x

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