Trying out Technic Cosmetics


Hey everyone.

I am finally back blogging after a break (Thank you for taking over my life dissertation). Hope you have all been well.

Back in March, I was sent some wonderful looking products by Technic Cosmetics to try out and review; huge thank you to them. I have never tried any of their products before, so of course I had no idea what to expect; the products did not disappoint though!

I have been having trouble with finding a good concealer lately; my skin has gone from normal to dry, to a bit oily, then back to dry, so when I was sent the Concealer Palette I could not wait to try it out!

Does it work?

As my skin is a bit dry and in a world of its own at the moment, it can be difficult to find the right makeup products. This concealer does cover spots and any unwanted blemishes, which is alsways great to see. It also comes with 8 different coloured concealers to help you get the best coverage. With my skin being super dry at the moment, I am not seeing that amazing coverage, but I will still keep using this and once my skin is back to normal, I cannot wait to see the true benefits this has for uneven skin and blemishes.

I have been using only 1 highlighter for over a year now, but when I saw the 2 gorgeous Highlighting Powders, I just fell in love! I was converted already! The pigment is incredible, honestly it is just amazing! The colours are beautiful. The whole thing is just fabulous!

What are they like?

They are beautiful! The pink is gorgeous when on, and they both leave a lovely shimmer that is great for the summer. As they are really pigmented, you do not need to put too much on, meaning it can last a while. The gold can be too much at times; especially as I am pale, but as long as you start small and build up gradually, then this can leave the skin looking healthy with a nice glow.

I was also sent the Stribe FX Cream Sunkissed Highlighting Cream. I have never tried a highlighting cream before, so I had no idea what to expect, would this cream even work?

Does it work?

This subtle highlighter cream is perfect for the summer months. The cream is smooth and perfect for any makeup lover, not much is needed, so it can last a good amount of time. It leaves a truly fabulous shimmer and does not leave the skin feeling greasy or looking caked.

Eyebrows can truly finish your makeup look; so I was definitely excited to try the Brow Pow. I have been using Benefit products for my eyebrows for a while now, so it was nice to try something new, and it did not disappoint!

Does it work?

Yes! It actually does, and it looks great on. Put the right amount on for you and it’s fantastic. I have dark eyebrows anyway, so this was the perfect applicator for me. It is easy to use; with one side like a felt tip point, with the other side being the applicator to brush the eyebrows, helping to control any uneven areas, helping to finish the look.

Finally, I was also sent the Juicy Stick. Talk about being easy to put on! It is such a cute and simple, yet rich colour!

Is it any good?

It is well pigmented and really is a wonderful colour! It is a great colour for an evening look; as well as day. For me though, this colour is better for the evening, as I am loving lighter colours at the moment during the day. This product does make my lip feel a little dry sometimes when applying but I barely notice it. This product really is great though and I love it! Easy to use and really nice when on.

Technic Cosmetics have done a wonderful job with their products! As I had never tried anything of theirs before, I really did not know what to expect, maybe they would be just ‘okay products’. However, they proved me wrong and I may just have to treat myself to some future products, they are fabulous!! If you are wanting to try any of their products, then go for it! They won’t disappoint.

4 thoughts on “Trying out Technic Cosmetics

  1. I love technic products! So affordable and most are amazing! Some products are hit and miss but I love the majority of them! The highlighters are amazing! So pigmented! Love the shade of the lip crayon! Fab post xx

  2. the products look amazing on the pictures! i have never tried the brand but heard a lot about it. glad to read they are amzing! xx corinne

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