Real Love, Real Techniques

Christmas has come and gone already, and I hope each and every one of you had the most wonderful time. Still cannot believe how quick it went, I know I say this every year but 1 day just never seems enough!

I was fortunate to receive an amazing set of Real Techniques Bold Metal Edition brushes for Christmas (a total surprise), and what can I say? They are truly beautiful and even though they look too pretty to use, I cannot wait to try them out!

The set includes 7 different brush types, including:

(100) Arched Powder (Gold Brush)

(101) Triangle Foundation (Gold Brush)

(300) Tapered Blush (Rose Gold Brush)

(301) Flat Contour (Rose Gold Brush)

(200) Oval Shadow (Silver Brush)

(201) Pointed Crease (Silver Brush)

(202) Angled Liner (Silver Brush)

Each brush is super soft, resulting in makeup being easy to blend, whilst allowing your skin to not become damaged by any sharp bristles on each brush, as well as this, they are easy to hold, helping a steady hand to get that perfect finished look.

This 7 brush set is ideal for any beauty lover, they are easy to hold, extremely soft to touch and they are just simply beautiful!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and here is to a great New Year!

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