Blogmas | Christmas Cupcakes 

Happy Christmas Eve Eve everyone! Can you believe it is Christmas Eve tomorrow?!

This past week has been a busy, yet a fun one! From finishing the Christmas shopping, to catching up with friends and getting my hair done by my wonderful hairdresser! 

So of course, I had to end the run up to Christmas baking some festive  cakes! 

These fun and festive cakes will go down a treat, and look simple but cute!

Want to make your own? You will need:

For the cupcakes:

180g self raising flour

180g caster sugar

180g butter (cut into small squares)

3 large eggs

1/2 tablespoon of baking powder

1/2 tablespoon of vanilla extract

For the frosting:

350g icing sugar

175g butter

2-3 tablespoons of milk

1/2 tablespoon of vanilla extract

(This amount of ingredients makes the frosting not too sweet, if you like really sweet things, then play around with the sugar until you get the perfect ones for you).

Method for Cupcakes:

Pre-heat your oven to 180° (Gas Mark 4)

Place the butter, flour, sugar, baking powder and vanilla extract into a mixing bowl. Mix until smooth

Divide equally into cupcake cases

Place in oven for 20-25 minutes – Or until the cakes are golden brown, or when a thin skewer (or anything similar) is clean after being placed in the middle of the cake

Method for frosting:

Place the icing sugar, butter, milk and vanilla extract into mixing bowl and mix together until smooth

Place icing into a piping bag and design your cupcakes

Cupcakes are so easy and quick to make, and everyone will love them. My family have been asking for more after my Halloween ones, so I could not resist making ones for the festive season.

Merry Christmas x

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