Blogmas | Oh Christmas Tree…

Christmas is only days away, so what could be better to post about my good old Christmas tree and decorations! There is nothing better to get you in the mood, than to see decorations and your house turn into a Christmas Wonderland.

This year, we decided to add light pink to our tree, and I am in love with this colour! I just had to get some pictures and post them during this festive season.

These pink baubles were purchased from Gordale, a local (ish) Garden Centre and they are just beautiful!

Everyone has something like this on their tree right? That one thing you made as a child, and it just somehow makes its way onto the tree every year.

I do not know where or when this was purchased, but it is cute and looks fabulous on the tree!

We have had this light up Santa for years and it is still going strong!

I love the decorations on the fire! With the stockings up and lights around them, it makes the house that bit extra Christmassy, I just love it!

I have two more posts and then it is Christmas! Where has this year gone? I hope you all have a wonderful next few days, whatever your plans are!


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