Blogmas | Christmas Memories

Christmas is a time to be with the ones you love, so of course this seemed like a great time to look back on some memories from when I was a child, and obviously I just had to make a Blogmas post out of it. Looking back on old pictures is always a great thing, a lot of memories come flooding back and remember the days you once had forgotten! So here goes, lets hope I wont regret this…

First of all, how cute are these teddy pyjamas?! I actually love this picture, a care free Rachel with no front teeth! What is not to love…

Again, another picture in front of the tree, I am guessing this was a thing back then. Well I guess it makes the pictures 100 times better.

I am not 100% on what year this was, but I love this picture; me and my granddad on Christmas Day! Love and miss you granddad!

Of course I had to be the cool kid, the one who takes someone’s sunglasses and wears them inside the house in December… Nice one Rachel.

As a child, Christmas is truly exciting, getting new toys, and of course I loved mine and ran round showing how happy I was. Just like every young girl, I was always pushing a toy pram around with a teddy in, and by looking at these pictures, the first stage was Winnie the Pooh, and how cute does it look?!


Looking back on pictures reminds you of all the good times! There are obviously some things you forget about, so when someone asks for a picture, just go ahead with it, in years to come you will be thankful you had that picture taken! Remember the good times.

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