Blogmas | Health Update

Yesterday saw me head back to the hospital to get my latest set of scan results, so of course I felt like I had to update you, since I have already uploaded a post on my previous illness and I want to help raise awareness.

Three weeks ago, I got the 32 month all clear after having a tumour on my pituitary gland removed back in 2014 (Post about it all here). The MRI scan showed no regrowth and the prolactin levels were within the normal range! Hooray! I also found out I now only need yearly checks for this, which is great to hear, as even though I have had a lot of MRI scans, I am just not used to them, I hate them!

My endocrinologist looked at some of the blood results (I have to be tested for a lot), and decided I needed to go for more blood tests and an ultrasound scan to check for any cysts on my ovaries, as she suspected I could have Polycysitc Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Fast forward two weeks, and I have had the results back. There were no signs of cysts on my ovaries, and the blood results were in the normal range! However, even though the level of testosterone were in normal range, it was on the high side, even just talking about high testosterone makes me feel not very ladylike…

The first answer to all this is to stick me on medication, but as my menstrual cycle is back to normal at the moment and some other symptoms are slowly getting better, she does not want to put me on medication straight away, as this won’t give a definite answer, would it be the medication helping? Or is it just a case of my body working and everything going back to normal on its own?! I have also have been on a lot of medications already, and she does not want to give me anymore right away!

Overall, I am pleased with the results, I feel really good within myself and happier then I have ever been. I do have to go back to the hospital for a check up in February, this will determine whether my symptoms are gone, or if it is actually PCOS, even though I do not have the typical symptoms and have no visible cysts on my ovaries.

I actually cannot thank my endocrinologist enough, she has changed my life for the better. With the many questions and worries I have had, she has been able to answer and help me so much. It took me three attempts to get a team that was actually good, and now I have found the most amazing doctor! I will be forever grateful.

Life is crazy! I have stopped thinking about my next appointments, thinking what if? It is just not worth it, if something does ever happen, then it will happen and you can tackle it there and then. Do not think about what might and might not happen, it just makes you worry for no reason. Enjoy life and think about the present, you will not get today or tomorrow back, so make the most of it!

[If you suffer from a pituitary related illness, then please take a look at the Pituitary Foundation for more information, or feel free to email me at].

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