Blogmas | For the Love of MAC

Hey everyone.

As a beauty lover, lipstick is an essential for my everyday makeup look, and when I wanted to buy my first lipstick a while back I thought MAC would be the best, you hear so many great things about it, so it seemed the obvious choice. Ever since that moment, I have fallen in love with the different shades you can buy, and I always make sure to treat myself to a new one every now and again.

I am currently loving three different colours at the moment, so it seemed like a great idea to create a post on them.


Velvet Teddy 

I heard about this one a few months back, when everyone else started to buy it, so when I went to check it out, I just fell in loved with it. This is definitely my go to lipstick, and one I wear on an everyday basis, especially to university.


I purchased this lipstick very recently, but I had been wanting to buy it for a while now as I had seen many bloggers showing their love for this lipstick. At first, I was not 100% sure when I actually came round to seeing it in real life. This lipstick is definitely something different for me, but I am so glad I decided to buy it.


I received this as part of my birthday present back in February from my best friends. I absolutely love it! I would definitely have to say that this is the perfect lipstick, it allows you to wear it everyday, or wear it for a night out. It is the perfect colour for any occasion.

MAC lipstick will always be something I go back to purchase time and time again. They are simply fantastic, how long they last, what they look like on, and the vast range of colours. If you have not tried a MAC lipstick before, then I definitely recommend that you do.


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