Review | Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Hey everyone,

Today I am reviewing one of the latest Benefit Eyebrow Pencils. I came across this in Sephora in New York, and of course, when you are in Sephora, you just have to buy something. Fortunately a brow pencil was something I needed, and Benefit are my number one go to when I need something for my eyebrows, so why not?

The pencil costs £18.50 and comes in 6 different shades; 2 light colours (Shade 1 and 2), 2 Medium colours (Shade 3 and 4), and 2 Deep colours (Shade 5 and 6).


On a survey of 109 women:

  • 95% said the product made it easy to fill and shape the eyebrows
  • 94% said it gave them beautiful eyebrows on their first application

What is included?

For the first step, you are greeted with a twist up pencil, with a pointed end, helping you get that great pointed finish on your eyebrows, with the width of the pencil helping you fill the thicker part.

On the other side of the applicator, you have a eyebrow pencil, making sure to keep your brows tidy. Very handy to have these two products on one pencil.

Does it actually work?

I would say absolutely! Your eyebrows can finish off your makeup look, so I always make sure to fill my eyebrows in, it is just a must thing to do! With Benefit, this makes your makeup complete and you are not wasting too much time on perfecting the look, I find this easy application helps to create my eyebrow look in a quicker amount of time!


  • Quick and easy to apply
  • It stays on for the whole day
  • Waterproof
  • A variety of shades to choose from


  • May be seen as a bit expensive

If you are wanting to try a new eyebrow pencil, or if you have not used one before, and are looking for your first eyebrow pencil product, then I recommend this one for you. It is easy and quick to use, all you have to do, is decide on what shade to get and you are good to go!

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