My American Summer

‘Being a camp counsellor is better than an internship’, something I’ve heard a few times about working at a summer camp. As I sit here and reflect on my time in America, it is clear to see the positive impact it has had on me and my life.

I started my journey back on June 3rd, I set off on my flight to America and made my way to Vermont. I had some expectations of camp life, you hear things of what to expect and what they are like, so I was already excited to see the summer unfold. However, when a camp exceeds these expectations, it is hard not to fall in love with the place, especially as it is so unique and special. I was based at a girls camp and was situated on the most beautiful lake, and with a brother camp 5 minutes away, it is the perfect location for girls to spend their summer and I am grateful for having the opportunity to spend my summer in this wonderful place.

‘Nothing can compare, to the lakes and the woods and the air’

I was able to teach a range of activities and widen my skills, from arts & crafts, rock climbing, tennis, sewing and drama, as well as a whole number of others, including being a photographer for camp. No matter what activity I was part of that day, I was always able to be creative, have fun and pass on skills to the most amazing set of campers.

From friendship bracelets, to skits and singing, to morning circle and campfires, to canoeing and tripping; there is never a dull moment. I feel honoured and extremely lucky to have found this camp!

A big part of my camp was tripping, 2 or 3 counsellors would take a group of girls on a camping adventure into the wilderness once a month. Trips would take place in Vermont, New York State or even Canada for the older girls; helping to teach the girls a number of skills and help with their canoeing. Of course, the awaited trip announcements by staff take place after a meal when all the camp were together, letting the girls know which trips they would be on. These announcements involve the staff changing the lyrics to songs and singing to the camp, or dancing around and acting something out. We became very creative during this time! Haha!

Watching the sun go down when out on trip
Out on trip

The camp is one big family, everyone knows everyone and are always there to look after each other, whilst making sure we are all smiling and having fun. A place where it does not matter what you look like, wearing no makeup and to be who we truly are, no television, no phones or connection to the outside world. Having little access to technology was heaven! I wish more people were able to do this, just to see how addicted everyone is nowadays.

The view from our hike during trip school
IMG_1200 copy
Watching the sun go down on trip
Sunset on trip

Being surrounded by a lake, mountains, sun and love everyday; it is no wonder camp is a truly magical and special place to be. A place that changed me for the better, a place that made me realise who I was, and help me overcome my anxiety, a place I can call my summer home! Working at this camp has been the most rewarding and amazing experience I have ever done and it is a real joy to be part of the camp family.

[Expect more posts to follow, as fitting everything into one post is impossible].

‘It is not a goodbye, but a see you later’.

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