Baking | Chocolate Brownies

Baking has always been something that I have loved, especially recently. So I decided I would bake some chocolate brownies.

What you will need:

200g butter (soft)

225g caster sugar

100g self raising flour

3 large eggs

85g cocoa powder (amount depending on how much chocolate you want)

Dairy Milk chocolate


With this amount of ingredients, 15 squares of brownies can be made, add and take away the amount of some ingredients to create more or less brownies.

How to make them:

1 – Preheat the oven to 180º (Gas Mark 4).

2 – Place the butter, caster sugar, self raising flour and eggs into a bowl and start to mix together.

3 – Add the cocoa powder and continue to mix.

4 – Cut up the squares of the chocolate bar into smaller pieces and spread them throughout the mixture.

5 – Pour the mixture into a rectangular tin covered with baking paper.

6 – Place the mixture into the oven for 40 – 45 minutes. Take out when the skewer is clean

7 – Allow the brownies to cool, cut them into squares and enjoy.


These brownies went down a treat and I cannot wait to make them again soon.

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