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Working on a Summer Camp | Visa Appointment

Hey everyone.

I am flying off to America in June to work at a summer camp for children and part of the process to get there requires a visa. I travelled down to London last week, so I thought this post would be useful for people who are also applying to work on a summer camp and are waiting to get their visa, or thinking about applying in the upcoming years.


What you need to take with you:


DS 160 Visa Confirmation page

DS 2019 (Given to you on day of appointment)

US Embassy Booking Confirmation


2×2 picture

Proof that you will be returning from America after camp (Just in case). For example, bank statements, university loan statements. Something that has your address on and shows them you will be returning home.


There are two Embassy’s you can go to when applying; either Belfast or London. I went to London to get my visa so Belfast may be a little different, but I assume it will be pretty much the same.


The process:

When you get to the Embassy, you will need to find the organisation who you applied with and get the DS 2019 form from them. You need to sign this form and join the first queue.

In the first queue, your documents will be checked and you will then be asked to join a second queue.

After this queue, you will need to hand your documents over and your passport and visa booking confirmation pictures will be checked.

Then you go into a security room. Security is high, so make sure to just take the things you really need to make life a little easier for yourself. This process is just like being at an airport, so there is nothing to worry about.

These first steps took about 20 minutes. The earlier you get there the better, as there is a lot of people wanting to get their visa for camp.

Then you can make your way into the building itself. You will then join another queue and the barcode on your documents are scanned and you are given a number.

Then you simply wait in the waiting room to be called up. This was under a 10 minute wait for me.

Once you are called up, you go to a booth and hand in your documents once again. Your fingerprints are taken and your 2×2 picture is scanned.

Then you go to a second booth and hand in documents for the last time, your fingerprints taken once again and then you are free to go.


Overall, I would say the whole process of queuing and the actual appointment took about 50 minutes, maybe even less. For some people it may be shorter, and I’ve heard it be longer for others, so hopefully you won’t be waiting round too long when you go.

Your visa appointment is nothing to worry about. Some people are asked a question at the booth (I was not). So just prepare yourself just in case, know what date you will be going to camp, know the camp name and where it is and prepare to give a date of return. Again, I was not asked anything about my trip to America, but just prepare answers just in case.


And that is it really. There is honestly nothing to worry about at all. Just think, it’s another wonderful step helping you get to America! 

Hope your application goes well and you have the summer of a lifetime.

4 thoughts on “Working on a Summer Camp | Visa Appointment

  1. Thanks for such an informative post, how long would you say it took you from start to finish (eg from the documents being posted, to available interview days etc).

    1. You are very welcome. I guess it depends on who you were applying with, I am with AmeriCamp, so I just had to print out my documents, I think some organisations post them to you, so I am not 100% sure on that. My appointment was 14th April and I was able to book this on 3rd March, so it is around a month before you actually go. I have been told it takes around 7-10 days for your passport and visa to be sent to you after the appointment (I am currently waiting for this).

    1. It’s okay. Glad it helped. That is great to hear, I will be posting on here when I’m out there, so make sure to keep an eye out, so you know what it’s like. I am with AmeriCamp, if you need any questions answering just let me know x

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