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Review | Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

The latest Urban Decay palette is here and everyone cannot get enough of it. This Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette can be purchased from a number of stores and costs £38.

Urban Decay


Feel Unique

Ok, so £38 is a lot, don’t get me wrong. However, there are 12 eyeshadows included in the palette, so when you think about it, that would cost £3.17 for 1 colour, which ends up being a great price. It also has a shelf life of 24 months once opened, so it does last a long time, unlike other brands, where you may need to repurchase them every few months, which in theory could end up costing the same as this palette over time.

This beautifully patterned palette, filled with smokey swirls makes you want to take a closer look, just because the design is rather pretty. The palette is made of sturdy plastic and contains a magnet, to make sure it stays closed so the eyeshadows do not get ruined. Once you open the palette, you are greeted with a long, rectangular mirror and 12 beautifully, pigmented eyeshadows, which are very easy to blend.

The palette comes with a total of 12 shades, ranging from light colours, browns and grey to blacks – 9 of them unseen eyeshadows and the remaining 3 being exclusives, including mattes, satins and even shimmers.

The warm and cool eyeshadow colour allow you to get a perfect smokey eye look for the night and even a more neutral look for the day, so you can get more then just smokey looks from this palette.


The palette comes with a doubled sided brush, a creased brush and a smudger brush, allowing you to blend the colours together and to get a subtle or dark look.

A small card is also included in the box, showing you 4 different smokey eye looks to have a go at yourself.



Allows you to achieve that perfect smokey eye, as well as a more neutral look.

Packaging – Sturdy plastic which is magnetic to allow the palette to stay closed, preventing any worry of it opening and ruining the eyeshadows if dropped.

Lasts 24 months once opened.

Small book is included, showing you 4 smokey eye looks.


Expensive – But it is worth the price over time.

Make sure to always wear some sort of primer underneath. If you do not, then I find it rubs and ends up not lasting the whole day.



 I have only been liking a smokey eye look recently and this is the ideal palette to achieve a number of looks to help me get started. With the right use of ingredients, it gives you the rich colours, textures and the ability to blend together, giving your makeup that finished touch.


Have you tried Urban Decays Naked Smoky Palette or any other Urban Decay palette? What do you think?


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